About Us

Integrations Wellness & Recovery Center, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality mental health and chemical dependency supports and services available within the region. We view all individuals as capable of autonomy and deserving of respect.  At Integrations, we are person-centered and recovery oriented. We endorse a holistic, gender responsive and trauma informed approach to treatment. We see our clients as the primary change agents in their own recovery.

We expect that those we serve will vary in age from the young child to the elderly and will present with mental health and/or chemical use problems and life struggles ranging in severity from mild to severe and persistent. Further, we recognize that mental and chemical health problems are often co-occurring and that integrated treatment is necessary in order to effectively address these needs.

We recognize that those contacting us have varied needs and are at various stages of change. We are committed to meet you where you are in your personal wellness and recovery process. Whether you are recovering from a mental or chemical health disorder, are struggling with life stressors, or are interested in personal growth, it is our goal to provide assessment and treatment services designed to meet your needs. We are committed to understanding your view of the problem, and to work through treatment based on your individual goals. We recognize that mental health and substance use disorders are far-reaching and also impact the lives of those around you. Whenever possible, we actively encourage the participation and engagement of family members and significant others in the supports and services we provide.

From the moment you contact Integrations Wellness & Recovery Center, LLC, it is our job to ensure that you have accessed the “right place” at the “right time” and will receive the “right service” based on your needs.